Out with the old…

5 Jun

OK, so I haven’t been true to my word and kept things in order while I worked on my “super special secret project”…I apologize for that. So instead of pretending that I will come back and do so, I will just let you in on what it going down. Beyond Fenway, in it’s current state, will no longer be active, as it has been for the past three seasons. However, I will be starting anew with a similarly focused blog over on Boston.com, which is tentatively scheduled to launch this Friday under the name “On Deck.”

My intentions are to provide more of a complete focus on the entire Red Sox farm system, while keeping abreast of the Minor League teams of New England, as we always have. On top of that, there will be some Can-Am League stuff with the Worcester Tornadoes, as well the the collegiate summer leagues (Cape, NECBL, Futures) and anything else we deem worthy of your time in the realm of prospects and baseball in New England…and beyond.

So let me take this time to thank anyone and everyone who has ever visited this blog, provided a kind word and allowed me to grow with it. A special thanks to Thomas Saucke for all of his help from Rochester, the kid is amazing and his passion for the game shines through in his work.

In closing, I will be sure to drop a link to the new blog on here as soon as it drops. I hope you all will continue to support me over at Boston.com and help me build an even greater community for this great game.


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